There are numerous reasons that organizations are considering hyper-converged infrastructure for their data center environments. However, the core hoped-for outcome across the board is simplicity, which can come in many forms. There are also other benefits inherent in hyperconverged infrastructure solutions that add to the architecture’s allure.

• Removing resource silos. Hyper-converged infrastructure allows IT organizations to break down the silos that have been built in the data center. Removing silos helps companies maximize their data center investments, reduce complexity, and promote growth and scale.

• Improved flexibility and agility. Hyper-converged infrastructure enables IT organizations to become more flexible and agile than is likely with legacy-based approaches to the data center.

• Open the environment. Hyper-converged infrastructure enables a more open approach to the data center environment and may allow easier deployment of emerging tools, such as OpenStack, and also allow use of container technologies that can help take virtualization to the next level.

Rugged Cloud systems eliminates operational issues common with traditional data center infrastructures, such as unpredictable performance, storage management complexity, and expensive IT change management. Our solutions converge server and storage resources into a single, 100% software-defined cluster that comes ready to run all enterprise applications, at any scale.

A 4 node Rugged Cloud hyperconverged cluster can simultaneous run different workloads, from VDI, big data to web services.



Scale compute and storage independently


Scale compute and storage together