RCS-vHPC Framework

Once reserved only for governments and academia to solve the most complex computational problems, like genome sequencing and climate research, HPC is transforming more industries with new workloads such as big data analytics. More and more, traditional market segments, like healthcare and financial services, are demanding supercomputer-like capabilities to gain real-time insights from increasingly large and complex data sets. As systems innovations expand HPC capabilities and lower the barriers to adoption, it predicts HPC will become mainstream.

We’re entering a new era in which super computing is being transformed from a tool for a specific problem to a general tool for many.

System-level innovations in processing, memory, software and fabric technologies are enabling system capabilities to be designed and optimized for different usages, from traditional HPC to the emerging world of big data analytics and everything in between. We believe the RCS-vHPC framework is the path forward for designing and delivering the next generation of systems for converged HPC.

RCS-vHPC is an advanced architectural approach designed to enable a more scalable, flexible and balanced vHPC system that converge with traditional data center workloads. RCS-vHPC simplifies the deployment and management of vHPC systems, broadening the accessibility of vHPC to more industries and workloads such as data-driven analytics, visualization and machine learning.

  Rugged Cloud Hybrid vHPC Cluster